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!::Determined convolutive mixtures under dynamic conditions::
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Blind source separation (BSS) in real-world environments is a challenging task even for the simplest well determined case where the number of the sources is known in advance and is less or equal to the number of the microphones. For this reason the experimental evaluation of most of the algorithms proposed in literature is conducted in controlled scenarios: i.e. the reverberation is not very high, the length of the mixtures is given, the sources are observed for a relatively long time and do not change their locations. However, such conditions do not reflect well a real-word scenario, i.e., the reverberation can not be neglected, many sources can move in the environment or can produce sounds from random locations (e.g. as in a meeting where multiple speakers are in different static locations). Furthermore the source activity is unknown and different sources overlap in different time-instants.

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This task is derived from [http://sisec2010.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php?page=Determined+convolutive+mixtures+under+dynamic+conditions|Determined convolutive mixtures under dynamic conditions] in SiSEC2010. While in SiSEC2010 only two channels were considered, in these datasets four channel mixtures are provided. However, we still consider the case where two speakers are simultaneously active at most. Participants can decide whether using all the available channels or only a subset of them.
+ !! Results
+ Results for test and development datsets: [http://www.irisa.fr/metiss/SiSEC11/dynamic/main.html|results]

!!Description of the datasets

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The development datasets are in the archive:
- [http://shine.fbk.eu/sites/shine.fbk.eu/files/nesta/sisec2011/dev_dynamic_sisec.zip|dev.html]
+ [http://shine.fbk.eu/sites/shine.fbk.eu/files/nesta/datasets.html|datasets]

It includes the directories/sub-directories:

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The test datasets are in the archive:
- [http://shine.fbk.eu/sites/shine.fbk.eu/files/nesta/sisec2011/test_dynamic_sisec.zip|test.html]
+ [http://shine.fbk.eu/sites/shine.fbk.eu/files/nesta/datasets.html|datasets]

Files are organized as in the dev archive. The segmentation file and the individual source image files are not included. Note, the data in the test has been simulated with different instances of impulse responses (i.e. at different angular directions).

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+ Note that the submitted audio files will be made available on a website under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Each participant is asked to submit the estimation results of his/her algorithm for tasks 1 and/or 2 over all or part of mixtures in the test datasets.
- Files have to be organized in directories as for "dev" and "test" datasets, including in the folders the output files with the following syntax:
Each part
icipant should then send an email to "nesta(at) fbk.eu" providing:
-contact information (nam
e, affiliation) />-basic information about his/her algorithm, including its average running time (in seconds per test excerpt and per GHz of CPU) and a bibliographical reference if possible
the URL of the tarball(s)

iles have to be organized as for "dev" and "test" datasets, including in the folders the output files with the following syntax:

source 1: y_<array spacing>_src_1.wav (single channel .wav file)


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