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The task includes the following data:
* Test and development data (test1 and dev1) of [http://sisec2008.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php?page=Professionally+produced+music+recordings|professionally produced music recordings] task of first community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign ([http://sisec2008.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php|SiSEC 2008]).
- * Test and development data (test2 and dev2) of [http://sisec2010.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php?page=Professionally+produced+music+recordings|SiSEC 2010
+ * Test and development data (test2 and dev2) of [http://sisec2010.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php|SiSEC 2010]
- !! Test Data
+ !! Results
Test set]
a.fr/metiss/SiSEC11/professional/dev_eval2011.htm|Development set]
+ !! Test Data
__Download [http://www.irisa.fr/metiss/SiSEC10/professional/test1.zip|test1.zip] (7 MB)__ (Test data of [http://sisec2008.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-index.php?page=Professionally+produced+music+recordings|SiSEC2008] )
__Download [http://www.irisa.fr/metiss/SiSEC10/professional/test2.zip|test2.zip] (9 MB) __ (Test data of [http://sisec2010.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-editpage.php?page=Professionally%20produced%20music%20recordings|SiSEC 2010])

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* Ultimate NZ Tour [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/|Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0]
- All the former test and development data (test1 and dev1) are from [http://www.mtg.upf.edu/static/mass/resources|MTG MASS database] by MarC Nxx yy.
+ All the former test and development data (test1 and dev1) are from [http://www.mtg.upf.edu/static/mass/resources|MTG MASS database] by M. Nxx.

All the remixes of newly proposed data (dev2 and test2) are done by Michel Desnoues from ~np~Telecom ParisTech~/np~.

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Note that only 20 seconds snips are asked to be separated, and not full-length recordings.
- How to submit the separation results will be announced before the end of July, 2011.
+ !!!How to submit />
Each par
ticipant should make his results available online in the form of a tarball called <YourName>_<dataset>.zip.

The included files must be n
amed as follows:r /> <dataset>_<author>-<song>__<snip>_<trackname>.wav
where <dataset> is
one of the test/test2/dev2, <filename> is a shortcut for the set of source signals, &lt;trackname> is the name of the extracted track.

(E.g., The est
imated vocal track for the task file "test2_glen_philips-the_spirit_of_shackleton_snip_163_185_mix.wav" should be named as "test2_glen_philips-the_spirit_of_shackleton_snip_163_185_vocals.wav&quot;.)

Each participa
nt should then send an email to "araki.shoko (at) lab.ntt.co.jp" and "nesta (a) fbk.eu" providing: /><br />**contact information (name, affiliation)r />**basic information about his/her algorithm, including its average running time (in seconds per test excerpt and per GHz of CPU) and a bibliographical reference if possible
**the URL of the tarball(s)

The submitted audio files will be made available on a website under the terms of the same license as indicated in the section Licenses above. In other words, any modified version inherit exactly the same license as the original.

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* Associated matlab code: [http://sisec2008.wiki.irisa.fr/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=17|bss_eval_images_nosort.m]
- In addition, new auditory-motivated objective measures will be used to assess the quality of the estimated spatial source image signals, in the mono and stereo cases.
+ Additional evaluation will be provided through the perceptual evaluation toolkit [http://bass-db.gforge.inria.fr/peass/|PEASS].

!! Potential participants
- * MarC Nxx yy
+ * M. Nxx
* Vasileios Pantazis
* Alexey Ozerov (alexey.ozerov (a) irisa_fr)

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* Pablo Cancela (pcancela (a) gmail.com)
* Antoine Liutkus (antoine.liutkus (a) telecom-paristech.fr)
+ * Pierre Leveau (pierre.leveau (a) audionamix.com)
* Jordi Janer (jordi.janer (a) upf.edu)
* Nobutaka Ono (onono (a) nii.ac.jp)
Task proposed by Audio Committee


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