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SiSEC 2011

Welcome to the main page for the third community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2011).

SiSEC aims to be a large-scale regular campaign building upon the experience of previous evaluation campaigns (SiSEC2008 (external link), SiSEC2010 (external link)) and first community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SASSEC (external link)). The unique aspect of this campaign is that it is not a competition but a scientific evaluation from which we can draw rigorous scientific conclusions.

Reference papers

The results of this and previous evaluation campaigns are summarized in the following reference papers

  • E. Vincent, S. Araki, F.J. Theis, G. Nolte, P. Bofill, H. Sawada, A. Ozerov, B.V. Gowreesunker, D. Lutter and N.Q.K. Duong, The Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (2007-2010): Achievements and remaining challenges, Signal Processing, 92, pp. 1928-1936, 2012.


Mailing list

Interested individuals are encouraged to join the SiSEC mailing list at https://listes.irisa.fr/sympa/info/sisec (external link) .
Announcements (including on the revision to the datasets, reference software, submission information, etc.) and discussions related to the SiSEC2011 will be provided through the SiSEC mailing list.

Important Dates

  • Beginning of April 2011: Call for participation to SiSEC2011, and open the discussion about the definition of datasets, tasks and evaluation criteria
  • May 2, 2011: Deadline for discussion and call for detailed task specifications and datasets
  • June, 2011: Detailed task specification and dataset collection deadline
  • July, 2011: Call for submission of separation results
  • October 30, 2011: Extended LVA/ICA2012 (external link) paper submission deadline
  • :October 31, 2011: Final Separation Campaign entrance deadline
  • red:December 16, 2011: Publication of the SiSEC 2011 results (on the web)
  • December 30, 2011: LVA/ICA2012 (external link) camera ready submission deadline
  • January 15, 2012: Deadline of abstracts for demo-session at LVA/ICA2012 (external link). Details (external link)
  • March 12-15, 2012: LVA/ICA2012 (external link)

SiSEC 2011 Evaluation Organizing Committee

  • Shoko Araki (NTT CS Labs.)- CoChair? + audio evaluation;
  • Francesco Nesta (external link) (FBK)- CoChair? + audio evaluation;
  • Guido Nolte (Fraunhofer Institute FIRST)- CoChair? + biomedical evaluation;
  • Emmanuel Vincent (INRIA) - member + "SiSEC Live";
  • Zbynek Koldovsky (Technical University of Liberec) - member + audio evaluation;
  • Andreas Ziehe (Fraunhofer Institute FIRST) - member + biomedical evaluation;
  • Alexis Benichoux (IRISA)- web administrator;

SiSEC History

  • 2010: Second community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2010 (external link))
  • 2008: First community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2008 (external link))
  • 2007: Stereo Audio Source Separation Evaluation Campaign (SASSEC2007 (external link))


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